The Benefits of an E-Course

I have been in the development stage of some really exciting projects that have been a labor of love for sure and as I was in my creation stages it got me thinking about the true value of e-courses!

You are used to seeing me spend time focusing on emotional topics that are more than worthy of attention, but today I am taking break to look at a topic that isn’t so emotional or spiritual, but can help you develop in these areas that I have spent time discussing.

Yesterday was a huge victory for me as I finished publishing an e-course that is near and dear to my heart. If you have been following or reading my blog you have seen the topic of  Narcissists and Energetic Vampires have come up A LOT!

These individuals have played a huge role in my personal growth and evolution.  The wisdom I have gained through research and my own experiences pushed me to create this course.

Well, why not go around the country and do workshops on this instead of an impersonal e-course? Great question, I’m glad you asked.

While I possess the ability to do public speaking engagements there are a multitude of benefits for individuals to take an e-course than showing up for a one day seminar.

E-courses for me grant the opportunity to reach millions around the world without me having to travel. I am a single mother who values being rooted in her community and right now, travel at that level is not a realistic option, and that is okay. That is not lack of drive, that is an honest assessment of my family’s needs, my needs, and what I have available.  Additionally, I am able to do things like volunteer in my community and my daughter’s school. I am also able to focus on other projects that I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.  Furthermore, producing e-courses gives me a chance to refine creating presentations; so when the time is right to go out there and do workshops, I am already fifteen steps ahead of the game.

For YOU, the individual there are a variety of reasons why e-courses are so beneficial.   Here are 3 major benefits:

First, you have YOUR space, do YOUR work.  When you enroll in my course about narcissists and energetic vampires, there will be emotional triggers, and you will want to cry, process, and release. Imagine feeling free enough to do that surrounded by a hundred strangers who are also too afraid to be honest with their feelings. It’s honestly, not that easy to do that.  In the safety of your own home, you can privately e-mail the instructor with the security of knowing your information is confidential and there is no risk of being mocked by a stranger who lacks the capacity to honor your experience.

Workshops are great when you are learning a tangible skill like working with essential oils, herbal remedies, or even labor assistant work because you are required to work with your physical hands. With e-courses like mine, sure discussion is great, but often times with emotional content these discussions can become a breeding ground for conflict.  For spiritual counselors and teachers, such as myself, we are not interested in creating conflict.  We are interested in creating a safe dialogue so you can process your experiences and emotions in a safe and healthy way.

Second, you can space out the information you are ingesting.  I’ve been to all day workshops and weekend seminars. While they are jammed packed with inspiring stories, valuable information, and effective tips for success; you are walking out with perhaps a tiny fraction of that information.  Normally, these events cost over $200 and you are walking out with only $20 worth of information because there was so much in just one or two days. Did you really get your money’s worth?

Let’s look at an e-course for $88, like my e-course on Narcissism and Energetic Vampires. You are actually receiving over $200 worth of information for much less. You are learning at your own pace without feeling rushed, you can come to your own conclusions without the posturing of other individuals who are insecure about themselves (and let’s face it, these individuals love to show up to live workshops and seminars just to show what they know and you don’t need that), and you can keep the information for future reference.

Finally, the cost is much more affordable.  As a former teacher in the public and Montessori school system I would never go to a seminar that cost me over $100.  I don’t have that in my budget to use on a weekend that is also my only source of leisure time, and neither do most individuals who are earnestly trying to develop themselves while raising a family, saving for a car or a house, etc.  Workshop prices are meant to weed out the committed from the uncommitted; to be honest, it is a fair practice. However, an affordable e-course can greatly impact someone who is walking the fine line of complete commitment without breaking their bank account.

Since a teacher can tell when a student is committed or not, with an e-course it is easier to prevent them from becoming a distraction to the students who want to learn. In a workshop open to the public, the more sensitive students are not afforded this same type of protection.

Workshops and E-Courses all have their pros and cons as well as their respective functions.  However, with e-courses on the rise it is good to see how they can benefit you on both the personal and financial levels.  E-courses can offer a safe space for learning and processing, they are convenient especially when you can’t just fly out to a convention in Maui, and they can be very affordable making the content more accessible to those who are counting on these types of classes but can’t do so otherwise.

As for my course on Narcissism and Vampires enrollment is now open. I would love to have you join us on this course. There is a wealth of information for those who are interested in the subject or who are in need of tools on growing out of situations with these particular types of individuals.

Many blessings to you.

Indigo Rose

The Truth Is In You

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Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Hello, my name is Indigo Rose.

I came into this world with a really exciting mission and I am so honored to be here at this point in history to assist humanity. I’m not really good at this “human” thing. I often find myself getting lost in this world of complex social norms and expectations and sometimes I appear to be really foolish, but I’m learning how to be human each and everyday.  The more I embrace being human the deeper I fall in love with the dear souls who are on this planet.  I love this planet. It took me awhile to admit to myself that deep down I came here to help Earth in its finest hours because I DO  love you all so much.

Love? Why do I love you? The answer is simple…it’s who I am! It’s what I do. I live to serve and help because it is what I do.  It is always a pleasure to be amongst a beautiful group of souls who have endured great sadness, trauma, and loss yet still find the courage, love and strength to keep fighting for what’s right and good in this world.  I’ve watched this plane experience wars, famine, disease and instead of giving up, the creative minds of humans come together to create solutions that will make the world a better place! IT’S AMAZING TO WATCH!!!!

I have also watched many of you wander from your true paths in life.  I understand this feeling because I have lived it down here and in other worlds myself.  It is difficult to find your purpose and place in this world.  It is a feeling that drives you to seek something greater than yourself but at the same time you get frustrated and tired because purpose seems to allude you.

You do have a path, you do have a purpose.  All you  need is  a nudge from your angels and the right guidance.  When you receive the messages from your guardian angels and you learn how to create a relationship with these beings of light, who have been with you since before you were born, you are able to immediately begin transforming your life step by step! This is where I come in.


As a spiritual counselor and teacher I utilize a variety of healing techniques to assist you in finding your purpose.  My greatest labor of love in my journey has been developing e-courses that will help you gain information, insight, and practical tools so you can unfold at your own pace in a safe space you have created.

When we are connected to the situations we are supposed to be in, and we discover who we really are:  the pretenses cease, the toxicity fades, and peace becomes your  compass.  You will learn how to trust your intuition instead of allowing outside events dictate every step you take.  You learn how to trust yourself at a deeper level and you experience the freedom you have always desired.

This is why I am here. To facilitate this healing journey and to assist you as this planet transforms from duality to unity.


Indigo Rose